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BLOG 002 | ‘Authentic’ Creative living  

I find myself scoffing a little at ‘Purists’ these days. Whilst I agree there has to be integrity in what we do, and what we’ve been taught, when it comes to our creativity and art, it’s about how we all individually learn, process, and choose to express. This is what’s authentic.  

Tomorrow is my first monthly yoga workshop and I have more nerves about this than any other yoga or dance session I’ve taught before. Why? Because I find myself dipping into a more authentic pond - authentic for me.  

It’s no surprise that there are Yoga Teachers who have done exceptionally well globally because of their own unique teaching methods. Same goes for Artists of all mediums. The ones that stand out are the ones who truly express in an authentic way.  

Not authentic to the teaching ... but authentic to how we choose to relay the teaching. And our own experience of it.  

My own experience of yoga in my daily life is fused with music and movement. It can also occur in peace and stillness. It depends on where I find myself. Just now I was in the kitchen doing a slow ankle and leg movement warm up, whilst the smooth sound textures of Flores played on my iPhone. That was yoga.  

Syncing our breathing with our body and finding any opportunity to do it is what yoga is for me. Music helps me find that synchronicity. So that’s how I choose to relay the teaching of yoga. To fuse - to yolk the parts of ourselves which can feel separate and disconnected at times. And which most definitely can get in the way of our own creative flow.  

I don’t believe we have to create in angst. We don’t have to live in such a tense way just because we are creatives; artists. There’s little worth in stress just so that we can increase our output. I’m concerned in the potency of our art. And sure it’s never created in ideal conditions... why choose to struggle because it’s deemed necessary? Why not at least try to bring in a little harmony and grace as we create? And that’s what my yoga workshop is all about!

If you’re in London, South London, and definitely Croydon... please come! Booking is here: Sat 17 March at the FIRST FLOOR SPACE in the Whitgift Centre. Registration is at 3:45pm. Starts 4pm. Finishes 5:30pm. 



YUP!  Yoga for when you're crazy.  I've got to be honest (as a yoga teacher) I am well versed (perhaps not well practiced) in the "arrival at the mat" and breathing-flow at the start of a yoga practice, but since I'm on a crazy-creative-mind-F of a level every day, I can't slip into that attentive zone unless it's in a class guided by another teacher.  So when I'm practicing alone - as I do daily even if for just 5 mins - I require an aide to get into THAT zone.  And for me every time... it is music. 

Yes I am nuts about music, dance, and movement so using these things to get my stress-head into the calmer yoga-mat zone to calm my shit WORKS! 

It's all very well being and feeling yoga-guru like but that ain't life for me.  I'm a parent, I live alone, and I manage all my own shit SO I'm not floating around with baggy pants and a kale laté in my flask.  (I am sometimes). 

Music choice is usually Jhene Aiko or something soulful to flow to.  I'll usually stand in front of my bedroom mirror and just do some standing stretches and breathing in time to music.  And voila ... before I know it I am in plank or downward dog on my mat and I feel much calmer to get into a familiar yoga sequence (whether I want to sweat it out or just condition). 

NOW ... this bit applies to ALL crazies (especially gym workout crazy ones).  If you've managed to slow your breathing down and calm your nervous system during your workout, you'll be quite happy to WARM DOWN.  Why is this bit so important?  I consider it to be the best stress relief part of a routine called SAVASANA - corpse pose.  But my equivalent can be a load of calming and grounding yoga poses on the mat at the end.  I pretty much feel the most present I have felt in the whole of my mad week.   

Why is this approach to yoga and our workouts SO crucial for us crazy creatives? 

In order to create we really need distance from how active we are and can get.  It only enhances our creativity to create some space in our bodies, minds, and in our lives.  You can always return to being a demon in your workspace and work every hour of the day and night, but this slower and more present space brings unlimited flow.  BUT try to resist jumping out of that slower and calmer state to write down any ideas you get.  I promise you ... you won't lose them.  Your mind will be in a much more grounded state provided you let it SLOW DOWN YOU CRAZY DEMON! 

I'm planning on doing some yoga sessions (like described above) with some creative buddies of mine in and around Croydon and South London.  Keep your eyes peeled for notifications on my IG!   

I'm not about to "namaste" you - don't worry.  See your crazy ass laters.