New announcement from this table talk with co-host Mr Ekow.  Serena will be producing + hosting a recorded talk show (with music) for SOUNDCLOUD and OTHER platforms where the LV podcast is streamed on such as Keakie.co.uk.  This new show (with tunes spun by Serena herself ) will be called TURN TABLE TALK. 

So the rap beef between Pusha T and Drake has been quashed by J. Prince.  Whilst we respect 'elders' and an OG, we do feel the fans are missing out on the full experience! But we suspect multiple agendas playing out in the roll-out of all this music right now, making us wonder ... was this all deliberate?  Was it creatively spontaneous?  And is all this noise distracting us from music in general since other music has been released including BLACK THOUGHT and 9th WONDER's "Streams of Thought" as well as London's own Billy Dukes (Hip Hop Duo). 

Should we separate the art from the artist and is it possible?  With so much noise surrounding the release of 'YE' for instance, did it disturb the listening of the music?  It's especially difficult to separate them these days. Should we be applying more quality control to musical projects?  But who sets the standards and is this dangerous? 

"If you don't respect your art enough to work on it, to service your art, it is going to do a disservice to your art" Mr Ekow. Knowing your craft, the standards you apply yourself, and then living up to it is a self-standard, before putting it out? We discussed a previous LV podcast interview with spoken word artist LIONHEART who shared his process when creating.  Whatever your process - it requires sufficient attention. 

Our opinion post-beef is that the noise surrounding the roll-out of the music is distracting. Tune into 'turn table talks' which won't be about music that's charting - but a real diversity of hip hop and soul music.

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