Speaking to Kanye Wests' long time collaborator and first cousin Tony Williams AKA The World Famous Tony Williams after being featured on Nas’ new album NASIR on the song “Bonjour”. 

Tony shared how creating music like this - 35 tracks in 5 weeks - is like a whole new paradigm.  All creators in one place benefitting from the same energy and synergy.  There are times when you can capture lightening in a bottle and the Bonjour track vocals was done in one-sitting which speaks to the whole approach of the GOOD MUSIC creation of late. 

Capturing sound and lyrics in one-take with an impressive personnel of expertise all in one room for a short and potent period of time. 

Tony shares how he has collaborated with Kanye since mix-tape days and the Kanye debut album.  How music-making has evolved since then and he has been a mainstay since the start so its been an interesting ride for him. The current music creation is being described as a 'frequency' and has been so immediately created and shared to the point that the listening parties are in fact the first time the GOOD MUSIC team are also listening to the entire projects.  Many listeners have also noted how the streamed albums are different to the ones played on the listening parties which tells us just how immediately Kanye is creating and sharing the music. 

Tony explains how YEEZY is changing the landscape of how we receive music.  The new YEEZY SOUND LANDSCAPE is attracting artists which we shouldn’t be surprised to receive music from immediately after Teyana Taylor’s release.  He suggests Cyhi the Prynce, Desiigner, and others in the podcast interview with Serena Hussain. 

There is an interesting point being made about the way our ears have been conditioned to receive music from POP and HIP HOP.  Tony finds it refreshing how the ear of the millennial is receiving a classic presentation of music.  All in all, this GOOD MUSIC roll out is about expression and the feeling. 

Whilst many are still trying to get to grips with the new music roll-out, and the shorter albums, there’s also an embracing of this new way of enjoying music from milennials, xennials, and more.  To listen to the entire in depth conversation and to get some insider insight click here.

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