THE ART OF THE HUSTLE | 100 illustrations in 100 days


KAYLEIGH MARSHALL of MARSHALL ART - This Brixton Artists' current project is called "Marshall Art 100". It’s 100 illustrations in 100 days - a true Artist's hustle in our opinion. These pieces are a part of her portfolio development, which she will handpick the best from to transform into large scale drawings and murals early next year - 2018.

"Having no classical art training, I’m putting in the graft old school to compete with other young artists. I’m working 17 hour days and putting in long stints at my desk to draw, draw, then draw some more. This project is giving me the structure to practice my style and develop my illustrative skills whilst getting instant feedback from my followers and clients as to whether the subject matter works or not. So far it has thrown we waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone. I’m drawing animals which I have NEVER done before - and I’m loving it. I have writing bumps, I’m tired and backache from the long drawing sessions, but this project has taught me so much in just over a month. By the end of the year imagine where I will be with my subject matter, style and most of all skill."

"Marshall Art 100" is not just a portfolio, it’s a record of an Artists' development over a period of 100 days. It is a digital journal; multifaceted in how it's delivered.

Kayleigh likes to raise questions through her art by creating an oxymoron - stitching two images together that wouldn’t typically be seen together. Her work in this project has taken an anatomical turn with a focus on human organs - in particular the actual form of particular veins and arteries. Her plan is to create an illustrative piece where she stitches a brain and a heart together to see what questions arise from that imagery. 

All pieces in "Marshall Art 100" are one off originals and available for £100.  Original pieces from an emerging talent.


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