Bally collaborates with Grammy Award-winning music producer and global entrepreneur, Swizz Beatz, on a collection of accessories and ready to wear, designed by Spanish Artist Ricardo Cavolo.  The collaboration came about with Swizz first reaching out to them last year through an IG post featuring a pair of Bally Ascona sneakers and the statement... ‘Bally is back!’ 

LIFE VOCABULARY (LV) received a selection of accessories from the 'Bally x Swizz’ collection. Editor Serena Hussain (aka HUSS) captured content in conversation with other Artists/Musicians in London (also shot within LV’s own HQ, HUSS ART HOUSE in South London).  

Watch the LV multimedia feature on a multidisciplinary and thoroughly current (and relevant) art driven collaboration.  The Artists/Musicians who took part in the conversation: Kayleigh Marshall of Marshall Art, Fontzerelli, and Cris Jaymez.

We got in touch with Cavolo - the Artist pivotal to the creation of this capsule collection - who along with his team offered us some exclusive insights into this new fashion offering:

"I had a conversation with Swizz regarding the essence and the direction for this Bally collection. Swizz insisted that he wanted freedom for the artists. Freedom for the artist is very important to Swizz, so I wanted to create a few characters representing the artists, when they let their inner animal out. Working with freedom and no borders means to work with that animal inside of us. These characters are a sort of gods or shamans with his/her spirit animal (as totems). The final artwork is a more complex composition of these characters letting their animals get out freely“. Cavolo. 

"A few years ago, Ricardo realized that his work could be articulated in many ways when people started getting tattoos of his illustrations or when fans created their own clothes with his symbols. Ricardo was working on his first fashion brand when Swizz and Bally offered to collaborate on this exquisite capsule collection. It was the perfect opportunity for Ricardo to work with / and learn from two epic entities, the timing was stellar. We are looking forward to see how the world will react to this strong and colourful collaboration”. Andre Bathalon - Manager to Cavolo. 

Cavolo’s eclectic style is based on the relationship between folk art, traditional and modern tattoo culture and European religious imagery.  He often develops characters, telling stories through the illustration of their experiences across time, using symmetry and symbolism to connect with a modern audience.  Cavolo’s prints will launch as part of the ‘Bally Collective, curated by Swizz Beatz’, continuing the brand’s commitment to creating a platform to playfully empower artistic license across emerging and established talent. 

Believing that art embodies culture and is an expression of life, as a child Swizz Beatz (Kaseem Dean) saw graffiti on the walls in the Bronx and wondered about its meaning. He began collecting art in his twenties, and in 2014 launched 'The Dean Collection', which is not only a collection of his own artwork but also a discovery zone for art enthusiasts who appreciate art not just from the greats but also from aspiring and new artists alike. 

Bally is a Swiss luxury brand established in 1851, anchored in an exceptional heritage of shoemaking. Today the brand offers unique and vibrant designs across shoes, accessories, ready-to-wear and eyewear.

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